Monday, June 13, 2011

Countdown to the Castle

We waited.  We planned.  We counted down the days on our calendar.  We discussed and decided the details.  We pondered all the possibilities.  We giggled and dreamed about all the fun we were going to have.  And then the moment arrived.

The long-anticipated day came to fruition as we loaded up the family vehicle and began our trek to the magical world of Disney.  Who cares that we spent nine hours crammed into a car with all our precious belongings plus two squirmy preschoolers?  We were about to have the time of our lives, meeting Mickey and floating with Dumbo and watching fireworks every single night.  We could not stand the excitement.

We skipped onto Disney property and began a whirlwind week of rides, food, and the occasional toddler tantrum.  And as the moments flew by, our five days of family festivities were over in the blink of an eye.  It seemed like we had just unpacked and settled in before it was time to shove our Disney loot into the car and head home. Sadly, we could not live at Disney World like good ole Walt originally dreamed we would.

While we were busy scurrying from one attraction to the other, the Lord tugged at my heart and gave me some food for thought.  (He likes to give me deep thoughts to chew on when I find myself reveling in the wonders of the temporal.)  As a follower of Christ, this world is not my home.  I am only here for a brief moment in time to accomplish as much for God's kingdom as possible until He chooses to whisk me away to the place He has prepared for those who belong to Him.  That place is heaven.  Heaven is a thousand times better than Disney.  Because although Disney has Cinderella's castle, shows where bubbles are constantly released above you, and those yummy frozen lemonade treats, it could never ever compare with all that is waiting for us in the perfection of heaven.  We truly cannot even fathom it.  No tears.  No pain.  No fears.  No waiting in line in the oppressive heat while the children whine and touch every bacteria covered surface within reach.  Seriously.  Heaven.  Ahhhhh.

So do I long for my heavenly home?  Do I wait with joyous expectation for the Lord to say, "It's time.  Let's go!"  Do I become giddy and restless as I anticipate the incredible place He has promised for me?  Not nearly as much as I should.  I find myself getting bogged down in the things that I can see and touch, and I sometimes forget about the amazing place that awaits me.  Lord, help me to embrace Your joy today, knowing that You love me and that once the strife and sin is over...heaven is my future. And absolutely nothing can compare to the beauty and perfection that it holds.